Friday, August 16, 2013

Friday Night Magic 16/8/20013

FNM @ Games Haven

Just a quick update on yesterday's record. Basically I pushed on with the same Boros Champs deck with a few minor editions to the main board.

-1 Thalia
-2 Doomed

+3 War Falcon

This was to give me a few more evasive bodies to give greater early pressure. The event went really well for me as I went 3-0 to grab August's FNM Promo as the prize! 
Sweet art!

Learning from my past was a night where i really got used to the tempo and amount of pressure to enforce upon my opponents. I was pleasantly surprised by the deck's performance as I went up against tough match-ups ( with rgds to play style ) and really piloted it well this time. This was probably the first FNM that left me with the feeling that I was in the game...

Round 1 VS UWR control (2-1)
Game 1: Had a good curve and good pressure...and played it as long as I could before finally folding to drawing engine. Was pretty neat as we traded back and forth for 30mins.
Game 2:  Draw into lands and the early pressure from champion and thalia forced him to wrath the board...allowing me to resolve a burning earth with threats in hand. A second burning earth and he folded.
Game 3: Kept a single land hand with champ, thalia, kog and sublime. Figured that being on the draw...i might have the time and chance to draw into lands. I did and kept the early pressure. On t4, with thalia and champ already on the board...I played sublime to bait his hand ...having drawn Burning Earth on the draw step. He duly played Supreme Verdict on 5 mana, allowing me to resolve burning earth again. From there on, a single fiendslayer paladin wrecked havoc.

Note: Just like my previous commentors suggested...learning how much is enough pressure is the key to this deck.

Round 2 VS Naya Midrange (Keibler?) (2-0)
Game 1: Saw a curve into sublime... and boom!
Game 2: Rinse and repeat. Braving the elements paved the way as i disregarded 2 Hellkites.

Note: We had a few board states where we simply stared at each other. However, slayer stronghold with a first striker proved to be painful...and brave the elements was an all-star here.

Round 3 VS 4 Colour CC (2-0)
Game 1: An early champion into thalia gave alot of pressure again. Baiting his wraths and playing threats into slayer stronghold won the game for me as he simply lack enough answers.
Game 2: Early pressure...into burning earth. Ray of revelation came in and we traded back and forth for a long period of time. Things looked bleak as nephalia drownyard brough me down to 8 cards. However, my opponent was sitting on 3 life and one card in hand...( was worried it was a Thragtusk )...I drew into KOG...swung with exalted status and he revealed a land in hand. 

Note: All stars for the night
1. Burning Earth
2. Fiendslayer Paladin
3. Thalia

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