Monday, September 16, 2013

H is for hexproof and Hongkong!

After the recent success with wescoe's boros champions, I decided to return to the deck that I spent an awful lot of time with : bant hexproof. The decision was made due to the dulling of the surprise nature of burning earth - as more tri colored decks opted for a dual color approach. In addition, the rise of u/w control around the meta spooked me out of playing a creature dense aggro deck. I figured that I wanted to win, and win quickly. The addition of gladecover scout meant that hexproof had the ability to race the aggro decks and burn out much faster. Hence, it was an easy choice. 

I went 0-3 at FNM, losing all my matches. Mistakes ran all over the place as I made horrid sb decisions. Dejected, it seemed like dropping the boros deck was a bad idea. GPT Hongkong followed the day after... And feeling too lazy to sleeve up another deck, I proceeded to keep my faith in the hexxors! And like all lessons in life, sometimes you must meet defeat before you come back alot stronger.

So at GPT Hongkong, I posted my best placing ever in a main event:

And this would only be possible because of all the hard work, sparring matches and contested debates over decks with peeps like gabriel, david, Elvyn, kng and Martin. If you try, fail and try again... You will get there. :)

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