Monday, October 31, 2011

Mentor of the meek

Hi everyone! I figured that since i have decided to embark fully on playing magic semi-professionally, it be nice to detail my slow progress as i start. Hopefully this will mark the beginning of some good discussions about the decks I run, as well as the exploration of various things associated to the magic multiverse and games in general. I hope you do enjoy this blog! Feel free to share your comments!

To start things off, I have been playing around with various decks to get a feel of the colour that I would like to focus on eventually.

In the past, I used to have a strong affirnity for the necromatic prowress of mono-black. Well that was until I saw the flavour within Innistrad. More specifically... the emphasis on white's humans/angels and spirits.However, what really got me swooning over the possibility of splashing white was the idea behind Mentor of the Meek. It's a card with an awesome draw mechanic, something white weenie has always been lacking. With much enthusiasm, I begun to build a core deck around the Mentor of the Meek. Stay tuned for the next update on my progress as a newbie magic player in the big wide multiverse!

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