Thursday, June 11, 2015

Orzhov Warriors Playtest

Not bad at all!

Round 1 VS Jeskai Aggro 1-0

t1 Mardu Woe
t2 Blood Chin Rager
t3 arashin


Round 2 VS UWB control 2-1
played t2 bloodsoaked and baited for 5t
before being bile blighted.
no threats
lost g1

g2, sbed in all discards
t1 duress remove heros downfall
t2 scry
t3 thoughtseize remove ashoik, drop chieves
t4 arashin game

t1 duress foul tongue invocation
t2 bloodsoaked
t3 thoughtseize crux
t4 turtle
till... duress - slumigar counter
play bloodchin rager for 4 power on board to bait
he plays regent to freeze bloodchin rager
till bloodsoak woereaper plus arashin wins the game

Round 3 VS red heroic budget 2-1
Mulligan twice
t1 woe reaper
t2 miss land
t3 land drop into chieves
no double black leads to game lost

1land hand
t4 stuck on ww, no b
t8 stabilise with one swamp
t9 cave of kolis to play two chieves


Round 4 VS GR dragons 0-2
g1: t1-2 curve into blood chin
opponent curves elf into slyvan into whisperwood into xenagos
stone blocked and died into bigger creatures like dragons

g2: defeated by xenagos top decked into dromoka dragon. owell

Round 5 VS budget spirit bond deck 1-0

Round 6 VS Abzan 2-1
g1: lose to abzan curve, lion into anafenza into siege
g2: weenie rush into chieves for the win as he land jams for 4 turns. playing thoughtseize and keeping anafenza save from ultimate price
g3: win on mulligan!

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